About Light Healing

Science has proven what Buddha shared thousands of years ago. Everything is made up of tiny particles and empty space. These particles vibrate at different frequencies and the vibration determines the density of an object or person. 

Everything we encounter in the world interacts with the particles of our body, including light and sound. Some belief systems suggest that we are in fact, held together by sound and if you are sick or just not feeling well (physically, emotionally, spiritually), you are out of tune. The participles, therefore, need tuning. 

During a light healing session, I act as a vessel through which your guides and my own are able to work. With their guidance, I use sound, smell and/or light to interact with the particles of your body. In doing so, you will have an opportunity to work through any emotional barriers, fears or feelings which you want to let go of. By removing these barriers, energy can move with ease through the body. 

While every session is unique, most people experience a detoxifying feeling or a sense of upliftment and clarity. The healing effect can be felt on the body, mind or spirit level. This is wholly dependent on the level you wish to work.

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