Individual Light Healing

This is a three-step process.

Session1: We will get on a call (about 20 - 30 minutes) you can tell me about yourself and share what led you here. Together, we schedule a date for the main session. During the first session, I will get to know you a bit better and connect with your guides. It will give me an idea of what we will be working through. If during this call you feel that you no longer want to participate in the main session, for whatever reason, we can part ways at this point. You will only be charged for that portion of the process. Between the first call and session 2, use this as a prayerful time. I might give you a few more instructions or guidance depending on what comes through. Overall, this is a time of preparation.

Session 2 (or the main session): This session will last between 1 hour and 1.5 hours. This is where most of the transmissions will come through and most of the work will be done together. This session will speak for itself but you can read more about it here.

Session 3 (the final session): This is a debrief call. This usually happens the day after the main session but if the following day is not possible, then, within 5 days of the main session. As you come down from the experience, the messages, feelings and emotions will integrate so, the debrief session is a really important part of the process.

Who is this for: simply put, if you know, you know. You were brought here for a reason. If you can't describe what you need or why you were drawn to this process, no worries, think of it as a cosmic nudge. But, if you are still having second thoughts, you will know for sure after the first call.

Energy exchange: R800.00/$70 |  Total duration: 2 hours - 2.5 hours


If after the introductory call you decide to not go through with the main session,

you are only liable to pay the deposit of R300.

Group Light Healing

Ideally 2-4 people. If you feel the need for more people to join, please just explain the reasoning in your email and we can make a plan.

Like the individual process, this happens in three parts. First, I can either get on a call with the person who is initiating the appointment for the group or we can get on a group call. It will also be between 20 and 30minutes. For details on three different stages, see above.

Who is this for? If you feel called to do a group session with a partner, or family or someone close to you. If for instance, there is something you need to overcome as a partnership or group or if you want to explore collective emotions/feelings/blocks with each other in a new and exciting way, this is for you.


Please note that this is not an alternative for individual appointments for people who don't know each other that well. These sessions usually have something to do with the bond between the people in the group.

Energy exchange: R650.00/$55 per person |  Total duration: 2 hours - 2.5 hours

Guided Meditation

You can book a 30 minute or 1-hour session for you as an individual or for a group. In the booking form, please share what has drawn you to this process to correctly tailor the meditation session, as we don't have an introductory call before this session. You can be as vague or as vivid as you like.


Energy exchange: R250.00/$20 per person |  Duration: 30min

Energy exchange: R400.00/$30 per person |  Duration: 60min

Group meditation (2-15 people):

Energy exchange: R500.00/$40  |  Duration: 30min

Energy exchange: R800.00/$70  |  Duration: 60min

Check out my social media accounts for regular, short guided meditations. 

Divine Mother Reconnection

There are many ways to connect to the divine. Some choose music, some choose surfing, some choose service and others, silent meditation. Ultimately, all paths lead to union with the divine. Given the masculanised nature of the world at the moment and for hundreds of years, many people, especially women, have forgotten their connection to the divine through deep rootedness into mother earth. 

During a session, instead of connecting with the divine through your crown by making your way up, we make the downward journey to the divine through the roots. Sometimes, this can be scary and overwhelming because we need to feel everything, every pain and insecurity, hurt and judgement which has kept us from remembering the perfection of it all (no matter how ugly).

While processing all the feelings, it is important to recognise that Kali is the full spectrum of humans and their experiences. Everyone and everything belongs to Kali. Kali is the light and the dark. She is us and kills and births us all at the same time. 

If you want to take the next step in your journey though and into the divine womb, this is for you.

Things to note:

- The journey will follow a similar, three session format as the individual light healing session (please see details above).

-This session cannot be done remotely. It is very important that we are in the same space.

-This is for all those on the gender and sexuality spectrum. The divine feminine and masculine is in all of us. 

- The Goddess that is the dagga plant will help facilitate this journey but you will not be required to engage with her directly. 


Energy exchange: R1111.11/$111 |  Total duration: 2.5 hours - 3 hours