"The experience I had with Dominique, was quite extraordinary and very hard to describe. But it came at the perfect time, affirming my own process and journey of healing, and reminding me of the deep ways we are always connected to our spiritual guides. I felt safe and supported throughout the process with Dom, and appreciated the way she called to check in on me a couple of days later."

- Sarah

"Dom’s energy and guidance helped me to cut through my fears and blockages to connect and remind myself of my authentic power and true self. She held such a beautiful space that was full of pictures and symbols, which directly communicated to me and that continue to accompany me in my everyday life to remind myself of their messages and meaning.

I highly recommend seeking her out if you’d like some support in cutting through some layers to connect to your true self."

- Kristin

"She has taught me how to embrace and honour my body as a temple of Spirit. From learning how to set the scene by energetically clearing the room to learning how to clear the mind and ground the body through witnessing breath. By freeing myself and embracing the exchange of energy, I discovered that I am able to pull cosmic energy down from the universe into my sacred being. 

Through the process of self-discovery with her, I learned that I’d been somewhat disconnected from myself which had to some extent been limiting intimacy and creating a barrier for meaningful connections. I have learned how to let go of fears and how to address past traumas and elevate my happiness, health, prosperity & consciousness to the next level. 

Dom showed me expressions that help me grow holistically; taught me about aggression and passivity and about using the feminine and masculine energies that reside within me."

- Heath

"We often hear that the answers we are seeking are already deep within us. My session with Dominique stilled my mind, lowered my walls and quietened my fears for these answers to surface. Her gift was extended to me boldly yet compassionately, offering me the opportunity to explore my vulnerabilities, yet from a place of personal power. Not only did I leave feeling a profound sense of peace but also of purpose- that I matter, that I am seen and most importantly (for me), that I am supported."

- Siphokazi

"At the wholesome age of 55, I decided that my spiritual life needed a re-boot. I always had a spiritual connection with people, animals and plants, but nothing could prepare me for this spiritual upheaval. 


During my meditation with Dominique, I was taken to a place of beauty (beauty that cannot be described) of love (love which cannot be understood) of trust (trust beyond human touch). This place allowed me to feel sadness, happiness and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude."

- Audrey

"Be realistic, expect a miracle' I think of these words when I try to find the words to describe my experience. In seeking my truth, what has been a lifelong journey of falling down & getting up again, I came into myself with ease & confidence. She opened me up to myself. Her gifts awakened me to the truth that has always lived inside of me. She jolted me awake from a deep slumber. Her gifts activated my own. I became realistic in my view of the world & our individual gifts & how we are all gifted in our own right. I marvelled at the selflessness that she exuded while exposing me to my own gifts. Like holding up a mirror for someone to see themself, she held this mirror up for me with so much softness. I opened up to healing as the human collective & healing as a personal daily practice. I expected a miracle from opening myself up to her generosity of sharing her gifts with me. & I received the magic of that experience & took flight."

- Mofumahali Queen Labase

"Sessions with Dom are truly special. We open our hearts by surrendering to ourselves. With each breath, easing into the knowing, that resides deep down within. These experiences resonates as a reminder, as an activation, as a remembering. The space created is organically warm and safe to explore the depths and relations that exist within me and that  which surrounds me.

I had a bliss-filled Divine Mother Reconnection session that was just so magical and enriching. Working with the womb space is a long time practice that has been eradicated from our feminine beings. The yoni is super cosmic and when you are able to tap into the creative frequency, all is felt. This session cultivated with Dom is deeply supported, grounded and connected. 

If you are reading this, I invite you to allow yourself this expansive experience."


- Julia Joy

"Dominique is one unique gem. She welcomed me into her safe space to help me with emotions deeply embedded that I didn’t at the time realise I needed help with. She has been with me in this journey every step of the way. She has taught me how to let go, how to love and allow love in. She is definitely the person to connect with should anyone need some guidance and support in healing and figuring out yourself and purpose. It won’t be easy nor comfortable but definitely worth it"

- Siviwe Mngxali

"Working with Dominique was a life changing experience. It taught me to forgive and let go of the pain and anger I felt. I know it is an ongoing process and things wont change overnight. She is helping me heal and starting a fresh. Thank you so much Dominique."

- Siwaphiwe